Working Out on Vacation — Yay or Nay?

Oh-Em-Gee, ya’ll.

I semi-purposely have been on a two week hiatus, in case you didn’t notice (you probably didn’t). Two weeks ago my sweet grandfather passed away. It was a roller coaster of a week that collided with our planned trip to North Carolina. Needless to say, after an emotional weekend with family celebrating my PawPaw’s life we skid into the airport at 5 am (WHO DOES THAT) to begin 8 full days out of state. It was a wonderful vacation and we got some much needed time with my husband’s side of the family. We have a niece and a nephew there that are almost exactly the same age as our girl Isla so it was super fun and sometimes super hectic(!) watching them all interact.

By the time my in laws saw us off at the airport yesterday we were all 4 happily exhausted from such a busy trip. We ended up spending 5 hours in the Atlanta airport waiting for a legit delayed flight. I still don’t understand why they didn’t just cancel it *eye roll*. Wheels weren’t up until almost 2 am and we were juggling immensely tired toddlers. The icing on the cake, though, was finally arriving in Houston to discover that they had lost our luggage. I mean really? At that point Craig and I just had to laugh.

So we’re all on quiet the struggle bus today trying to recover and it’s the perfect time to discuss something HUUUUUUGE!

Thoughts on Working Out while on Vacation

This is all strictly my opinion and how I personally view this situation so seriously, take it with a grain of salt. Like always, I want to encourage readers to explore their own thoughts on these matters by sharing mine.

I take vacation very seriously. If you are a parent then you are aware there are “no days off”. We’re still fairly fresh at this so we reminiscence frequently on the weekends before children we spent eating at nice restaurants, watching new movies in theaters and sleeping for however long our well-rested and childless bodies pleased. Vacation is a big deal for Craig and I so hey, we go hard.

always pack my workout clothes for time away from home. Whether we are camping, visiting family or exploring a new country–I take my tennis shoes and at least one workout outfit.

However, I do not always wear it. Ha ha.

The point of vacation is to be stress-free. Am I right?  I take it day by day and vow not to stress the situation either way. If I crave working out one day or get anxious over the fact that I’m NOT working out then luckily I have my stuff and am able to pound a session out! If I spend the entire trip never once thinking about working out then awesome, mission accomplished.

I will say if I was “iffy” or just establishing a workout routine I’d probably take a bigger initiative at working out while away. I think that before it becomes a solid habit you have to have that consistency and taking a longer period of time off could hinder your motivation to get back on track when you’re home again. I’ve personally never doubted that I’d hit the ground running when I return. This is definitely something you have to be honest with yourself and think about ahead of time.

While in North Carolina I did a HIIT running routine (Maximizing Your Running Routine (With or Without Kiddos) every other morning we were there. I love to run and was really embracing the fact that I could do it without my kids. Plus, my in laws live in a beautiful community and every time I ran I saw something awesome like wild turkeys, deer, turtles or rabbits. It was such a treat!

In 121 days (yes, I’m counting) we are taking a long awaited trip to Isla Mujeres and I am preparing to not workout at all while we are there. I will still take my stuff and if anything I may squeeze in a Caribbean-view jog or quick body weight exercise but I am really not holding my breath on that one… more on that later.

I’m curious about how you guys feel on working out while away from home? I think it is seriously admirable when people continue their routine just as if they were home. But I also know vacation vibes clearly don’t accommodate fitness and IMEANREALLY– it’s vacation. How do ya’ll handle it?

I am so looking foward to diving head first back into my routine after my short “break” and sharing new things along the way! Soon I’ll be blogging about bikini feels and how I plan on prepping to feel HOT HOT HOT in Mexico.