The Real Deal on Progress Photos

This health journey is the first time I’ve ever regularly taken progress pictures and let me tell ya, it is a game changer. I cannot stress enough the importance of them. I kind of hate doing it mostly because it’s a hassle to do first thing in the morning and my kids are always screaming and banging on the door while I try to awkwardly pose in the bathroom mirror. The benefits far outweigh the nuisance of doing it though. There have been times that I get down on myself, I start questioning if I am even making any progress and are the small changes even worth all of this hard work!? Then I look at my 9 month evolution and I’m like “Psh, yea.” It is, without a question, worth it.

I have been at one of the slowest points of progress for awhile now. Actually, the first 3 weeks were the most dramatic because I had so much body fat just hanging out in my midsection from pregnancy. I have a “pear” build and have always had a smaller waist so I truly think my body was looking for anything, any excuse to shred that fat because it didn’t belong there. I read somewhere once that that the most recent weight you’ve gained is the first place you will lose and that definitely rang true for me.

Ok so anyway, I’ve been slow for awhile now–measurements, scale and photos. Most of the changes I’ve experienced over the past few months are simply improvements I can feel in the muscle tone of my legs and arms. I never invested in a body fat percentage scan and I am kind of kicking myself now because I think it would have been very helpful. It gets hard to stay motivated when the numbers begin slowing down and this where the importance of progress pictures come in.

The physical changes are there, yes, but more than anything progress pictures advocate feelings. 


Like who even is that person in the big photo? She was so tired and carried around so much resentment towards her body. I also probably cried taking that picture and kind of want to cry looking at it now. That was my “ah-ha” moment. I knew I could not continue to live that way and be happy. I was soo ready to make changes.

The second progress photo (top right) represents hope for me. I had made it through the hardest transition, the first month. I saw a difference, I felt a difference and there was–freaking finally–a light at the end of the tunnel.

But that last picture? That was me last week and girl, I’m damn proud. I celebrate this body and the miracles it’s accomplished these past 4 years. I feel stronger and more confident. I’m constantly dying to shop because I just want to try stuff on. Unstoppable. This is only the beginning.

So YES, strip down to a bra and undies and take the pictures LIKERIGHTNOW. You will immensely thank yourself later just like I’m doing because the evolution is way more than the subtle visibility of abs. You will quickly realize that your mindset and your mental well being are progressing even more rapidly than your body.



If you follow me on any social media platform then you know I’m working on a blog post about coffee. I took a kid-less (*angels singing*) trip to Kroger yesterday to pick up some low calorie, low sugar coffee mixers and guys! There’s so many! I had a lot of fun and am coincidentally trying some this morning while writing this. I can’t wait to update you!