Mostly Healthy Marriage in Mujeres Trip

For our third wedding anniversary Craig and I and two other couples took a pretty drool-worthy vacation to Isla Mujeres, Mexico.


Isla Mujeres is an island located off the coast of CanCun that you reach by ferry. We got married there on Playa Norte which has since been named by TripAdvisor the 7th most beautiful beach in the world.  We named our sweet Isla Rose after this island.


Truth be told–this year wasn’t an easy one for us. I lost two grandparents within weeks of each other, Craig’s job was a serious roller coaster and unless you’ve been living under a rock you heard about Hurricane Harvey which devastated our Houston suburb. Our house was fine (thankful!!!) but I evacuated alone with the kids and two dogs. Returning to the aftermath was emotional but seeing Port Aransas, TX ripped to shreds on the news hurt my soul.

In other words, this vacation was needed.

Travel is a priority for me which is something Craig has had to adjust to. For starters, his career is all travel so getting on a plane, sleeping in hotels, etc… he’s over that. His family is in North Carolina and although we visit them as much as we can I know he struggles with taking time off and spending money to visit places other than his hometown. Nevertheless, he’s a great travel partner and pretends to listens to me talk, plan and obsess over our vacations literally all year long. We both agree on one thing when we’re on vacation and that is that we do whatever-the-f***-we-want. Drink, eat, play whatever and whenever.


This trip–named Namaste’quila–was a celebration of friendships and marriages.


Craig and I are proud of ourselves for surviving this tough year but even more proud of our marriage thriving from it. It’s taken a long time and a lot of ups and downs finding balance in a partnership where one spouse travels extensively. Discovering that balance is only part of the challenge but keeping it takes endless effort, just like the healthy lifestyle balance I always refer to. While we were on Isla we found the couple that I sat next to on our arrival flight, in a bar, after about 4 margaritas. We were talking to them about Craig’s job and the woman looked at me and said, “Isn’t it just fantastic for your marriage though?”

Guys, I could have hopped off of my bar swing and hugged her. Nobody has ever expressed actual positivity about Craig’s travel!

And, she’s right. It is fantastic for our marriage.

But it may not be for everybody.

That’s something fascinating I’ve learned in these 3 lil’ years of marriage. No couple makes it work exactly the same. We all have different roles, personality flaws, strengths, obstacles and chemistry which is ultimately what made this trip so special. We were three completely different couples spending 6 days in a Caribbean dream.


I spent weeks leading up to our vacation working out almost daily and nailing my macros. It was unbelievable motivation and I am still stoked about it. To be really frank I was determined as hell to feel great for my husband and despite drinking from sun up to sun down every single day of our trip I honestly felt fantastic. I shamelessly rocked cheeky swimsuits, crop tops and with the exception of a few hours I spent with my head hanging over the edge of our fishing charter vomiting into 15 foot swells–I felt pretty damn sexy. I will always remember this vacation for being the most confident and comfortable in my own skin after becoming a mother.




((After posting pictures to social media I got a few questions about the house we stayed in. The name of the house is El Gran Escape and I am not exaggerating for one second when I say I was stunned by it’s beauty the entire stay. The views were breathtaking. The pictures online do not do it even a little bit of justice. The house is located near Punta Sur of Isla Mujeres. This is the most Eastern point of Mexico and an excellent location to watch the sunrise. Because it is on the Caribbean side of the island you must rent a golf cart to get to and from the restaurants, beach and nightlife. I rented through a local property management agency but it is listed by the owner in that HomeAway link. If anybody would like more details you most certainly can reach out to me about it.))