Mostly Healthy Aldi Faves

Several months ago I blogged about How I (mostly) healthy grocery shop on a budget. I talked about our monthly budget of $650 and a few guidelines I put in place for myself to stay on track at the grocery store. Since then a longtime friend of mine, Amanda,  has created her own blog Her Happy Home highlighting her seriously amazing talent of maximizing a single budget as a stay at home mom. She has totally inspired me to be more proactive at meal planning and staying resourceful with ingredients. Thanks to her I have also added a new grocery store into my “circuit” and let me tell you, it’s uh-maz-ing.


Aldi (1)

I know a lot of my readers are in or around my hometown of Palacios –say that with a Texan slang, please– Puh-Laaaah-shess. There is an Aldi in Victoria and in Rosenberg for you country folk. Find the store closest to you by entering your location here.

I was super scared of Aldi at first because I felt like it was a secret club of shoppers I wasn’t a member of or something. The reason prices at Aldi are much lower than your mainstream grocery store is that it’s no frills which I happen to massively respect. You deposit a quarter to guarantee you’ll return your grocery cart, you bag your own groceries in your own bags and a lot of the products are in boxes or crates. Get this though, Harbor is learning all about responsibility because he is “in charge” of our weekly Aldi quarter and he also loves to help me bag groceries. Win win. An average trip to Aldi costs me about $60 whereas I can very rarely get under 3 digits at a big grocery store.

Make sure to read Amanda’s Quick Guide to Aldi before you go.

In addition to her guide I read several other blogs to prepare myself before my first trip. I’m weird, I know but in the world of domestic engineering grocery shopping is a big deal.

I love reading what other people like to buy at Aldi. Amanda loves their less than $3 wine and fresh mozzarella balls (I’ve tried both, they’re legit). A few other bloggers had several organic items or imported chocolates on their lists. Everybody raves about their organic baby pouches but luckily for me my kids have pretty much outgrown those. So here’s my list of Aldi favorites. It was hard to narrow it down but these are the things I get every time I go and flat out refuse to buy anywhere else.


Aldi (5)

I eat a lot of egg whites which means I go through A LOT of eggs. I buy 3-5 dozen a week and at my store a dozen eggs are only 77 cents! Sometimes even cheaper! I also do something really lazy and love to buy these boiled and peeled eggs. They’re such a good snack, kids love them plus I hate peeling eggs. For $1.78 a package the convenience is worth it to me.

Baby Wipes

Aldi (2)

Mammas, their baby wipes are good. The package says comparable to Huggies which is absolutely true. Huggies used to be the only brand I’d use. They’re nice and thick and super cheap. A package of 3 costs $3.49 at my store.

When we were visiting our family in North Carolina my sister-in-law used my baby wipes for a quick diaper change. As soon as she saw the package she was like, “Are these from Aldi??” Then she used them and got all wide-eyed and excited about how great they are.

Fresh Produce

Aldi (2)

I’ve had great success with Aldi’s produce. Not all of it is cheaper than larger grocery stores but what is on sale always beats others. I pick my produce according to what is in season and on sale so for instance, I stocked up on strawberries for less than a buck a pound this week. All of Harbor and Isla’s snacks have revolved around strawberries– popsicles, greek yogurt and smoothies. I am also obsessed with their bell peppers. They sell them in this beautiful package of 3 that often goes on sale for $1.49.  It’s hard to find individual bell peppers for less than $1 in grocery stores and I LOVE cooking with them so this is one of my favorite sales.

Protein Powder

Aldi (3)

This one is SO random, right??? Protein powder is expensive and one of the first things I cut out if we’re tight on our budget.  When I saw it at Aldi I had to laugh because I was sure it’d be full of sugar but NO. Coming in at 30 grams of protein, 8 grams of carbohydrates and 170 calories per serving this is some pretty good stuff. And ready for this? It’s $15.99 for this 2 pound container which is a seriously great price.

Canned Foods

Aldi (1)

Canned tomatoes, beans and sauces are all 50% cheaper at Aldi, from what I’ve seen, even organic varieties. I buy 2-3 cans of black beans weekly and these are 57 cents at my store. It’s hard to find them for less than $1/can at H-E-B.


Aldi (4)

String cheese, shredded cheese, fresh cheese and even fancy cheese–cheese cheese cheese! We eat a lot of cheese specifically shredded cheese because toddlers are all about some pizza and quesadillas amiright? The impressive thing about Aldi’s shredded cheese is that the package is actually full *gasp*. I can’t remember the exact price of this pound of cheese but I know it’s less than $3. They also have a nice variety of specialty cheeses that I dig into sometimes for special snacks or our BloodyMary creations.

Greek Yogurt

Aldi (6)

You guys know I’m obsessed with Greek yogurt. The brand I was buying before at Kroger is at least $5.99 for this size container, sometimes more. We eat one of these a week and it’s $3.99 at Aldi.


I’m telling you, check your location and explore this store. You will not regret it. For those of you who are already Aldi shoppers–what are some of your favorite items??





  1. Amanda Seamans

    July 21, 2017 at 12:56 pm

    I’ve been wanting to try their protein powder, but was scared! I’ll have to pick some up in my next trip!


      July 21, 2017 at 1:00 pm

      I was wondering if you had tried it! =D

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