Monday Morning Motivation

Monday mornings are my prime.

I love Monday morning. Isn’t that weird? They get such a bad rep because you are the furthest in time you can possibly be from your next “break”. Even radio stations make them depressing which is so wrong. We should celebrate Monday morning! I will admit my Monday mornings typically require a ton of coffee and maybe even my fingers are a little jittery typing this right now because I’ve had too much


In lieu of Father’s Day I will say my husband is my inspiration for Monday morning. Nobody hits the ground running like he does on Monday. Sunday evening he reflects on his upcoming week and like last night, he’ll make a few phone calls to double check that he’s prepared. Then sure enough at 5:15 this morning his alarm went off, his feet hit the ground and I swear he left the house giddy over his project that starts today.

Since I have no monetarily rewarded career these days I put that Monday morning energy towards other goals like what I’m going to focus on during my workouts for the week, what I need to get done at home and what fun things I can plan for the kids to do.

I also always eat a kick ass breakfast on Mondays because if I’m going to start the week off with a banging workout then I have to properly fuel that. I seriously think if I had something like a donut for breakfast on Monday morning I’d probably have crappy workouts all week. I wouldn’t know for sure because I’d never take that risk but that’s how much emphasis I put on this day to set the stage for the week.

During this morning’s pep talk I started thinking about how over this past month my focus has shifted a bit. My natural inclination is to resist that change and/or harbor guilt over it. I haven’t been paying as close attention to my macros and the weekends have been family oriented and filled with food, spirits and you know– summertime stuff! The truth is Craig and I have had a little bit of added stress this year and our twenties are coming to an end. We’ve found ourselves exploring where we see ourselves in the future and what we can do now to make that happen. We’ve also coped by totally embracing our time together, as a family, and holding on tight to these moments that our children are so young. I’ve mentioned it before and most of you know his job typically requires extensive travel which has instilled a great foundation for appreciating our time together.

On my very first blog post I discussed the “trifecta” of finding a healthy balance. My tripod is something like motherhood/marriage/health. Yours may be career/motherhood/health or heck I don’t know maybe you have a quad –fishing/family/job/health. Ha! The components are all you but my point is that the percentage of yourself you’re putting into each is constantly changing and being challenged. Sometimes it’s hard to accept that and this point is, I believe, when people tend to give up on their health goals. Maybe something is going on at work and you’re finding yourself having to remove some “health” focus in order to compensate for “career”. That is totally fine. Do not let this be your excuse to abandon your health goals completely!!!

For months I’ve been extremely focused on macro-nutrient goals and muscle re-composition but this morning I’m accepting that this week I’m going to focus on simply eating healthy and putting in 5 solid workouts. That is enough for right now. The important thing is that even though I’m feeling this pull to put more energy elsewhere I am not going to stop working out completely.

It’s totally okay to shift your priorities a little in order to maintain balance. It’s totally not ok to leave your body high and dry in that process. Remember anything is better than nothing and if you find that you can only set aside 15 minutes a day to focus on working out this week then baby, you better make that 15 minutes count!