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I’ve had a lot of feedback from people asking me exactly what I’m doing to lose the weight and I realize that although I talk broadly about it in every post I haven’t really broken it down for my readers. Please understand that I really want the vibe here to motivate women to find what works for them. However, I have found great success in what I’m doing and would love to share because obviously it could work for somebody else, too!


This took some trial and error. When I started this journey I was obsessed with clean eating. I ate a ton of fresh veggies and very little carbohydrates. About 2-3 months in I hit a major plateau and started tracking my consumption. I realized then that I was eating very inconsistently. Most days I was not eating enough calories but more importantly I was NOT giving my body enough carbs or protein to repair itself. I talked with my trainer and did some research on “IIFYM” or “flexible dieting”. This is basically the notion that you consume food based strictly on it’s macro-nutrients,  not it’s “cleanliness”. It isn’t so restrictive and it allows for tiny treats here and there as long as it is within your daily goal which is where the phrase “If It Fits Your Macros” comes from.  I do still eat very little sugar and clean, whole foods but I plan meals with 3 things in mind: carbs, protein and fat. So on a normal day my goal is to get 35% of my calories from carbohydrates, 40% from protein and 25% from fat. I track every meal in MyFitnessPal which makes it ridiculously easy by completely breaking each meal down for you and letting you know how many of each macro you have left.



So far, this way of eating is working out fantastic for me. I can feel the composition of my body changing as I notice way more muscle tone. I feel energized before and after workouts and by eating very high protein I am fueling these muscles with what they need to look hot. If you’re interested in reading more about IIFYM or figuring out your own macro-nutrient breakdown I found this website to be very helpful.

I try not to obsess over the scale and okay, to be stupid honest, I haven’t weighed myself in like 9 weeks. My scale got wet awhile back and was giving very inconsistent readings so I trashed it and have yet to replace it. I still keep track of my inches, pay attention to the way my clothes are fitting and take progress pics. I do not necessarily recommend ignoring the scale and I feel like it’s really important to help find your groove when you’re beginning a new routine.


Right when I decided I wanted to do this a long time friend of mine announced on her Instagram that she was going to begin online training. Alyssa works part time as a nurse, has two kids very close in age to mine and a hardworking hubs. In other words–she understood.

For 6 months she sent me 5 workouts a week including 4 strength workouts and 1 cardio workout usually incorporating the kiddos in the double stroller. The workouts are broken down by focus like arm day, leg day, back/abs and full body. Most of the workouts last 30 minutes to an hour and I have yet to step foot in a gym. Swear. I bought some resistance bands, ankle weights and dumbbells when I started. I do want a barbell soon but truthfully some of the most effective workouts I’ve done are simply using my own body weight.

Alyssa sent me the workouts using an app called MyPThub which is user friendly and times your workouts for you, gives you how-to videos and lets your trainer know what you’ve completed. She emailed encouragement every Friday, we checked in every Monday and of course any time I had a question or needed some kind of sympathy she was there for me. I thought it would be difficult holding myself accountable without physically checking in with a trainer but this system worked great. It gave me the flexibility to work out at home when I could squeeze it in which is not the same time every day.

My favorite workouts still are cardio days with the kids. We live in a wooded suburb of Houston that has over 70 miles of  beautiful walking/biking trails. There’s also a children’s park about every 1-2 miles. My tots actually make great little cheerleaders and often tell me “Run faster, Mommy!” or “WHY ARE YOU GOING SO SLOW?” As I’ve mentioned before being a healthy long livin’ mamma is the bulk of my motivation so I often find myself working out extra hard “for them”.

I try to limit cardio to only once a week though. Most of my workouts are strength building exercises because that is the most effective way to burn fat and build lean muscle. It is also the most challenging and provides way more of a mental payoff in the end. Nothing feels as good as conquering leg day, for real.

Alyssa is truly passionate about helping people create a healthier version of themselves. She charges $25/month or less if you commit to a longer amount of time. She can train at home or in a gym and will also guide clients on the ideal diet to meet goals. If my routine sounds like something you’d like to embark on you may email her at .

Do you.

My mom turns 62 this year. She looks fantastic. She’s fun, she’s healthy and she radiates every color of content. She has found a lot of inspiration from my results but, listen to this(!!!!!), she salsa dances every morning before work. That is her happiness and something she has discovered to keep herself consistent. She eats a very low carb diet because that has always been what works for her and makes her feel the best. Every couple of months she and my dad visit their home in Mexico and, for the most part, ignore their diet restrictions there because duh–it’s Mexico. But that is truly the balance they’ve created and grown to love.

With that said, remember these things:

  • Your journey is your journey.
  • Finding balance and happiness is key to living an actual long term healthy lifestyle. It’s more important than seeing results immediately. Do not over-commit but..
  • Always be challenging your body. Mind over matter.







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