I eat pizza every week.

If you haven’t already figured this out I am an extremely glass-half-full kind of gal. I can remember being a teenager and complaining about stupid things and my parents absolutely DID NOT tolerate whining from me, ever. I feel like I have them to thank for my positive and laid back nature.

Lucky for you I am here to positively convince you that eating healthy should not be some kind of awful doomsday. Do not dread this step in you health journey! Being conscious and aware of what is going into my belly has sparked a whole new creative level of passion for what this Earth has to offer me.

What exactly is “eating healthy”?

The most difficult part of writing a health and fitness blog is the unbelievable amount of contradicting information out there. Carbs are good/carbs are bad, fat is good/fat is bad, eat less/eat more, workout after meals/workout before meals, eat meat/don’t eat meat… It’s seriously a mess. On top of that there’s the common misconception that you have to eat certified organic or grass-fed or gluten free or non-GMO or antibiotic free or whatever else is going on out there these days. That is simply not true. I think it’s admirable when people are passionate like that about what they’re consuming but please do not feel like it is necessary. This is why I stress over and over again to find what feels good for you and run with it. To me the most basic explanation of healthy eating is

“indulging in a vibrant and balanced diet rich in whole, unprocessed foods that leave you feeling content, not miserable“.

I chose the word indulge because it’s so important to realize that yes, you can i.n.d.u.l.g.e. in healthy foods! They make you feel great, look good and they improve your chances of a lengthy life– appreciate them! I love the term vibrant because the more colorful the meal the more vitamins you are bringing to the table. Balance is my favorite word ever, obvz. Whole and unprocessed foods are items with little to no ingredients like straight from the produce section fruits and veggies, simple proteins (fish, poultry, beef) and beneficial carbs like quinoa and sweet potato. Last– listening to your body– paying attention to how you FEEL after you eat is monumental. Why oh why do we eat way too much of something awful only to feel depressed and sluggish afterwards?!? My personal experience has been that the more I learn to recognize and accept my body’s signals after a meal the less and less I want scummy food to begin with.

So what’s this “pizza every week” business?

I am serious about some pizza. I never obsessed over pizza before because it was, like, forbidden. We’d order pizza and I’d vow to only eat one piece but end up eating 5. I mean, truthfully I still do that but we only order pizza like twice a year so that’s ok. Once I discovered this new interest of indulging in foods that were GREAT for me I became mildly obsessed with tips and tricks to take “cheat meals” and turn them into seriously nutritional dinners. I love showcasing these meals on my Instagram account (@mostlyhealthymommy) and I will be more proactive about sharing them here. Some notable favorites are “zoodles” (spiralized zucchini pasta), bell pepper nachos and the best– PIZZA! So I made pizza the other night:


After I spent a ridiculous amount of time documenting the toppings I realized I love this demonstration and it really symbolizes a lot for The Mostly Healthy Mommy and all of my discussions about balance, realistic healthy living and, well, motherhood because clearly I sacrificed some of this particular pizza to a picky kid.

Eating a baked chicken breast, steamed sweet potato and some baby spinach leaves for dinner every night is what I used to envision as “healthy”. It would probably make me lose weight quickly. It’d also make me miserable and get old really fast. BUT eating a blackened chicken breast sprinkled with fresh garlic and grated Parmesan, a baked sweet potato with the tiniest amount of coconut oil and cinnamon. and baby spinach leaves sauteed with onion and a diced slice of bacon? YASSSS! That is a great meal that doesn’t literally suck happiness from your soul. Am I right?!

I mean look at that pizza! It was delicious, I felt fantastic after eating my entire spinach covered portion which came out to less than 600 calories. The crust is a flatbread pizza crust I find at H-E-B. It isn’t so starchy or heavy which means it has less carbohydrates and calories. That whole crust only has 450 calories. A PIECE of pizza you order from Domino’s has 400 calories, easily. I used turkey pepperonis (a lot of them, #protein) instead of “real” pepperonis which are copious amounts of better for you. I also frequently use seasoned ground turkey or diced chicken breast as a meat topping. I go easy on the sauce and cheese which is fine and totally worth it. Part skim mozzarella is high in protein and fat so I try to stick to 2 servings or less. Next, VEGGIES! I love making pizza because I take every veggie out of my fridge that may go unused that week and dice it up for toppings. Got some zucchini on its last leg? Slice it up! A tiny amount of spinach at the bottom of the bag? An almost rotting onion? Those are prime, man. That’s good stuff.

Notice I’m still VERY aware of my portions and the composition of my ingredients. Just because you buy a flatbread pizza crust doesn’t mean you can put an entire bag of cheddar on it and call it “healthy”. However this pizza cures any and all cravings for the real kind of pizza -aka- delivery. I promise you. Plus, it’s fun! Harbor clearly didn’t have as much fun with his portion (BORRRRRRING) but Craig and I love pizza night and usually end up putting completely different toppings on each of our portions and then make fun of each other about it. He’s all about the mushrooms–EW.

Try having a brighter view of healthy eating and you may seriously surprise yourself. Stop focusing on how good the things you’re missing out on tasted and think about how horrible they made you feel or how much energy you were lacking because of it.

I have a flippin’ fantastic one pan dinner to share with you guys next that I stole from my mother in law. It’s also a weekly meal for us and another that you can toss any veggie into. Stay tuned!