How I Stay Motivated to Workout 5x A Week

I’ve spent a few days putting thought into exactly what it is that gives me that drive. I want to look and feel good but c’mon, don’t we all? So here’s my list of things, some of them a little quirky, that just really get me ready to burn.


Competition. I am very competitive in nature but I was never an athlete. My biggest competition has always been myself. If I set out on a 3 mile jog I challenge myself to another half mile at the end. I’ve learned to love the thrill of a challenge. Friendly competition is awesome, too. I have a few inspirational women I follow on Instagram, friends who workout and some buddies on MyFitnessPal. Even though we are not legitimately competing, like for money, it still serves as motivation. Hearing that a friend is killing her leg day will totally make me think, “Oh snap! I need to get on it!” Some people thrive doing 30-day or weight loss challenges. Since my #1 goal is longevity I haven’t really explored many of those but I think it’s great for people who are also highly driven by competition. It can be especially helpful to get you through that first month which is the toughest part.


Fantasy. I fantasize about my husband’s jaw dropping to the floor when he sees me in a new bikini on vacation. I fantasize about having glutes like Khloe Kardashian. I fantasize about people seeing me and thinking, “That woman has two kids?” I get lost in fantasy during my workouts and I embrace it. Visualizing myself in the future if I keep the hard work up is a huge motivator.


Realistic goals. I try to steer clear of weight goals or time restraints. In the past, saying things like, “I want to lose 20 lbs in 2 months” or, “I want to be a size 6 by summer” has made me burn out fast. Remember, slow and steady wins the race. I have created a new lifestyle not a new habit. It will be really great to shrink my jean size but whether that happens in 3 months or 3 years doesn’t ultimately matter. The real goal is that what I’m doing to get there makes me feel good and I’m not going to stop. Instead, I put more focus into short term goals like completely pounding my 5 workouts per week. If you can comfortably commit to physical activity 3 days a week then push yourself a step further and aim for 4. Don’t burn yourself out by working out every day for two weeks just to give up when you’re overtired.


NO excuses. I’m going to let you in on a little mind game I created. It’s called “turning your excuses to not work out into reasons to workout”.

My kids are sick. = My kids are sick and I can’t afford to end up that way. Let me take extra care of my body to avoid it.

I don’t have enough time. = I do. I can find 15 minutes for an ab workout. Working out will give me the energy I need to accomplish every thing I need to get done today.

My husband is on his way home and he wants meat and potatoes for dinner. = He’s not going to care about meat and potatoes once he sees this bod I’ve been working so hard for.

See what I did there? (Smug face.)

My kids were my excuse for so long. Breastfeeding, lack of energy, no (alone) time–I could go on and on. The reality is my kids need me to be healthy and I need to be proactive so that I’m around to play hide and seek with my grandchildren. I give myself two excuses–my own personal health and vacation. But let me tell you, I work damn hard for vacation.


Breakfast. I would not be able to find motivation to workout if I didn’t fuel up my body every morning. Breakfast is so important. It’s science. Your body is a machine. Machines require energy to perform. I avoid sugar like the plague in the morning but really almost any breakfast is better than no breakfast!


Music. Music is just as important as breakfast. Ha! Ok, maybe not really but music will make a workout for sure. If I want to escape to vacation on a long leisure run I’ll start with Dierks Bentley “Somewhere on a Beach”. If I’m doing some full body HIIT I put on Pitbull. The right music will full on get you in the mood to burn calories. Find what works best for you and jam.


Splurging on cute workout clothes. Oh. My. Gawwwsh! The latest workout gear is so flippin’ cute. I can’t deal. Victoria Sport, Lululemon, Fabletics and even Old Navy has the best activewear! It used to be so basic but recently women’s fitness apparel has taken a creative and bold turn. Wearing cute new workout clothes makes me feel like I have to earn it or “represent”. It’s also a great way to reward yourself after accomplishing a goal!

What are some ways that you guys find motivation? I would love to discuss in the comments because, let’s get serious, some days are a serious struggle. I’ll take any motivational tips I can get!

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