Dirty Thirty in Fredericksburg, Texas

My best friend’s 30th Birthday celebration turned out to be com-plete-ly amazing. Friday morning I bid my kids and my macros farewell for the weekend. The 6 of us arrived at the VRBO that afternoon and well, obviously I’m not going to break code and disclose every detail because what happens on vacation stays on vacation! Let me just say the cops may or may not have been called at one point because we may or may not have just been having that much fun and I have this vague memory of serenading the tour bus driver to Journey’s Small Town Girl at the top of our lungs on Saturday.

It was nothing short of epic.

I can’t get over how refreshing it was to spend time with such a fun loving group of girls. No conversation was off limits and no detail was spared. However, just as anxious as we all were to escape work and motherhood for the weekend I know we were equally as anxious to get home to our kiddos and husbands. That’s the best thing about a weekend away, isn’t it? You have to give yourself the opportunity to miss your day to day life every once in awhile.

We stayed in the Oehler Haus which was perfect for us. The interior was probably the cutest I have ever seen. It also had a fantastic outdoor area with plenty of seating, a grill and a hot tub.





On Saturday we went on a half day wine tour with Discover Texas Wine Tours. I highly recommend them as they arrived early and provided some fancy schmancy transportation. Our driver, Mike, went above and beyond to make sure we had a great time.









I jumped right back into my usual eating habits this morning but admittedly, I’m still nursing a pretty good hangover. What’s a better reminder that you’re exiting your twenties than a 48 hour hangover? I also have this weird numb and tingly feeling in my toes since spending about 4.5 hours on a dance floor Saturday night in heels. I gathered on Dr. Google that it is actual nerve damage in your foot. Needless to say, I’ll workout today but it won’t be anything record shattering. I will definitely be taking cues from my body and easing back into the fitness game this week.




  1. Bev

    April 24, 2017 at 8:32 pm

    When you play you pay!

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