Cane Poles, Campfires n’ Fresh Air

Craig and I both grew up salty in small towns. Craig was a skilled boat driver long before he got his drivers’ license and spent his childhood up and down rivers in North Carolina. He also had the privilege of camping and exploring the Outer Banks. I was pretty much raised aboard a sailboat and spent my weekends exploring the Gulf Coast of Texas. Neither of us are “city people” by any means and since there’s maybe a handful of companies in the entire country with Craig’s niche, we’re pretty limited on where we can live. This is how we ended up starting our family in Houston.

If Craig is home and we have an entire weekend together you can bet your bottom dollar we’ll be heading out of town. Since his job requires him to come and go without warning and for sometimes months at a time we really privilege an uninterrupted weekend together and like to treat it as a celebration. It’s hard doing these things with such busy demanding toddlers and we often look at each other and smile like, “What the heck are we even thinking?” But we both really value making these simple kind of memories with our children and in the end it’s totally worth it.

We have a small travel trailer that we love hauling to the beach for weekends in the sand. This past weekend, however, we took off to some family property in the country for two nights in the cabin. My parents have created a bird sanctuary there and Harbor and Isla love all of the wildlife, fishing, star gazing and freedom that comes along with being in the middle of nowhere.









We’re back to business as usual this Monday morning but I feel pretty refreshed after a nice little dose of simplicity over the weekend.