Bikini Pics and Vacation Countdown


What do you guys notice when you see this picture? Maybe you see sweet Isla’s stubby pony tail and curly tendrils or her upturned nose (that I love). Maybe you’re wondering where we are. Maybe you’re a mommy and you recognize the look of admiration on my face. I can remember exactly what I was thinking when my sister in law secretly snapped this. I was reminiscing our day at the river and thinking about how good my kids had been. I was laughing inwardly at Isla’s skinny dipping because I forgot a swim diaper. I was thanking the universe for two beautiful kids. I love this picture because I remember that moment so clearly. It’s awesome she captured it without me even knowing.

Still, my eyes are automatically drawn to those tummy rolls. I don’t think the insecurities ever go away really. Humans are just channeled that way. It isn’t often I see a picture of myself in a bikini and sadly as soon as I saw this awesome memory all I could think was, “Ohmygosh, I need more ab work.”

I haven’t picked up a weight in weeks. The week my PawPaw died I was immensely tired and I just knew that I needed to take time off from training. I had been consistently sore for months and my body simply needed it. I didn’t stop working out completely I just pressed pause on advancing my weight training and did a lot of soul searching during my runs.

A few days after this picture was taken I was jogging and questioning whether or not I’d post it. I vowed to look further than that damn stomach. I realized this picture symbolizes a lot for me because you see, even though I notice the tummy rolls I’m truthfully not that bothered by them. I know they’re there and I realize other people may notice them immediately too but what do I care? I have the rest of my life for a perfect stomach and the reality is I’ll probably never get it which is totally fine. I’m so proud of this body for what it’s accomplished and how far it’s come. I feel like I’ve come full circle. My goal image of myself has finally met reality with a little compromise on both ends. I’ve found this nice little place of inner peace.

Physical results have fluctuated tremendously throughout this journey but I’ve learned to embrace other results, like this inner peace, to keep me going when the visual results briefly stop. I follow a lot of inspirational fitness accounts on Instagram and several of them frown upon using physical results as your main source of motivation for that reason. Everybody has plateaus. I see nothing wrong with finding motivation in wanting to feel hot. Even if I’m at a plateau completing a workout still serves as a confidence booster and that confidence has made a big impact on the other components of my tripod (marriage, motherhood).

As it turns out, taking a short break was the perfect medicine because I’m now feeling so motivated and dying to see more progress. I’ve mentioned before that vacation is another huge motivator for me ( How I Stay Motivated to Workout 5x A Week.) In 120 days we’re taking a beautiful vacation with two beautiful couples. It will be our 3rd wedding anniversary on the same island we got married on. I respond really well to using events such as vacations or our wedding to stay consistent. Keep in mind I don’t set numerical goals like “I want to lose ## pounds by November.” It’s more like “I’m going to work my ass off until November so I can guiltlessly drink my face off.” (Sorry, dad.) I also want to look smokin’ hot in a swimsuit in Mexico to remind my husband that marrying me 3 years ago was the best decision of his life, ha ha.

I’ve hooked back up with my trainer Alyssa for a month to kick it back into high gear and get some fresh workouts. I also ordered a weight scale *gasp*. For a long time I haven’t had a scale and previously blogged about it in I weighed myself this morning. But part of this ride is evolving, being open and I’m wanting to more closely track my progress for 120 days. Note that I do not rely solely on those numbers to define my progress though because pounds are not an accurate way to track muscle replacing fat. Remember to take measurements and progress pictures throughout your own journey! I will be posting more progress pictures and if you follow me on Instagram @mostlyhealthymommy I will be more consistent at sharing my meals.

I continue to have lots of positive feedback and inquiries on Alyssa. I appreciate it so much when people tell me they read or share what positive changes they’re making in their own lives. Remember, this is not a competition and I am not some kind of expert fitness guru. You guys motivate me by sharing your experiences as much  as I motivate you.