A new chapter.

‘Sup guys? Long time, no see.

If you follow me on Instagram (@mostlyhealthymommy) you know last week was a tough one for my family. I was not able to do a weekly post. I carry guilt about not updating regularly but obviously I know my readers understand that things happen.

I try not to abandon diet and exercise during hard times (just my blog, ha ha).  Exercise is, at this point, just as much mental for me as physical. Truth be told, it’s probably even more of a mental benefit. I listen carefully to my body when times are particularly difficult and shorten circuits, pack on extra cardio or allow rest days as needed of course but “throwing the towel in” completely would put me in an even bigger emotional funk and I just can’t do that to myself.

Luckily, my husband was home all weekend long so we got to have some quality time. He totally took over the kids both days so I could get really quality workouts in and I even got to grocery shop by myself *gasp*. We had steak and crab for dinner one night because we were feelin’ a little bit fancy and I tried these:


I found them at H-E-B and highly recommend them for a healthier “treat yourself” option. At 100 calories each and only 1 gram of sugar they come with way less guilt and are perfect for 100 degree weather because they don’t bloat you up like a balloon. The lime flavor is subtle and there is NO sweetness which is right up my alley.

I’m feeling great and after 4 weeks of 5 days/week (NO SKIPS) training with Alyssa again I’ve shed another inch or two. Woohoo!!!





My 29th birthday is coming up quick and I had Craig fully sold on transforming our unfinished dining room into a mini home gym. I was going to mat the floor, buy a squat rack, barbell and bench to start off. Next level, guys. We did some shopping around and figured we’d be spending at least $500 so out of curiosity I visited our local Gold’s Gym this morning.

And, well, it happened.

I joined.

The deal they made me was very reasonable (a year at the gym is way less than buying a home setup) and the employees in there were awesome and so supportive. It felt really good to be able to “talk fitness” with a bunch of other enthusiasts. I am stoked. I’m sure they were just trying to schmooze me into the sale (I worked in sales once, I know) but they seemed genuinely intrigued that I had worked out with a trainer for so long at home and I think they were truly excited to see how I’d do in the gym.

In this weird way I’m feeling like I sold myself out because it was somewhat my “brand” to represent progress with completely at home workouts. However, nothing has become more clear to me over the past few weeks than the fact that “health” and “fitness” is constantly evolving and humans simply can’t do the same thing forever. Like I always say, if I’m going to make this lifestyle last the rest of my days then I have to keep an open mind. I was more than ready to mix things up and I knew as soon as I stepped foot in the gym that it would be my next place.

My son is giddy over the children’s area and my daughter may have had an inconsolable fit while she was in there but the ladies assured me she’d be over that in a week (fingers crossed).

I’m excited to see how it plays out and I have an introductory session with a trainer to educate me on form and free weights because I’m ready to get lifting. Alyssa will still give me a weekly schedule but since I’ll have access to more equipment I’m sure we’ll explore some new exercises.

I’m feeling more comfortable than ever to accept that it’s okay to try new things (and potentially fail), get out of my comfort zone and keep my body guessing. I was honestly terrified to walk into the gym today because of the risk that I’d be faced with judgment or roided out bro’s heavy lifting. For a few reasons this was the actual mental image I’ve had in my head of that Gold’s Gym for awhile now. There was a little of that. Ha ha. But I mostly noticed the energetic mom’s dropping off their kids in front of me, the employees who were so excited to hear about my journey and the smiling personal trainers helping every size, shape and experience level on the floor. Those are my people and we really all do share a common interest.

I used to think I’d never sacrifice the monthly fee to join a gym and that I’d be content working out at home infinitely. I also said I’d never explore intermittent fasting, have the guts to join crossfit or run a marathon but hey, those are all now some goals of mine! The Gold’s Gym salesman was very nice and professional but resistant to me signing anything shorter than a 2 year contract which was completely out of the question. I loved the atmosphere instantly but I flat out refused to sign that long of a commitment. He couldn’t figure out why and I was like, “Seriously? 24 months? I could be training for a triathlon, teaching yoga in my own studio or even competing by then!” I want the freedom to evaluate my progress and feelings and explore something new if I want. As soon as I said that he agreed and said as long as I wasn’t giving up on fitness goals completely after a year then he was more than willing to shorten the contract. Never say never! Especially when it comes to challenging your body and maintaining your mental and physical being.