35 Week Reflections

This morning we woke up and I enjoyed Craig’s huge Saturday breakfast. Since he’s been home on the weekends I’ve been focusing on strength training during the week and capping off with a long kid-less jog over the weekend. Jogging has, for as long as I can remember, been my therapy.

We ate breakfast guilt-free knowing I’d run it all off later. I had some coffee and finally got dressed to go for my peaceful jog. I was so excited. A lot of weeks that hour away is quiet literally the only time I have away from my kids. I can’t even express how good it feels to put my headphones on and unplug for a bit. As I was lacing up my shoes Harbor looks at me all confused and says, “But Mommy, me and Sissy want to go.”


I saw Craig’s smirk out of the corner of my eye and hoped for a second he’d intervene because he knows how much I love my runs. But he also knows I’d never be able to tell Harbor no to such a sweet little request.

So, 5 minutes later, here we are:

35week (2)

I made Craig take a picture and had to laugh because this is the essence of my entire blog, right? The Mostly Healthy Mommy. Sacrifices. Balance. This is what it’s all about and why it’s never easy. As it turns out the run was still really nice and the kids were literally silent the entire time. They never even asked for a snack which is weird. It occurred to me along the way that maybe they were missing the runs, too.

This past week was my 35th week of my new health conscious self. 35 isn’t typically a celebratory number it just so happens that I sat and counted the weeks yesterday and landed on one that had a nice ring to it. It ends in 5.

I haven’t missed a workout in I don’t know how long. It’s simply my way of life now. I even limped out of the camper last Sunday morning on the beach and had an incredible jog along the water line. On days I’m not really feelin’ it I’m completely fine with toning it down and squeezing something in to get my heart rate up. Anything is better than nothing which is a pivotal lesson I’ve adhered to the past 35 weeks and it has kept me consistent.

Perhaps the biggest realization though –all of this I reflected on during my jog with silent kids– is the connection I’ve found between mind and body. We are a team now. Happiness in one depends on happiness in the other. We work together. It seems so crazy that it took almost 29 years to figure that out, right? A happy healthy body creates a happy healthier soul (and vice versa).

35week (1)

I’m feeling physically stronger than ever and more days than not I feel confident and great in my own skin. Even so, the intangible rewards of this journey far outweigh the physical results.

So, since my kids snuck in on my alone time this morning I’m already plotting my next attempt at a getaway. Maybe I can come up with something to go grab at the grocery store because hey, a mamma has to breathe.

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend. Don’t forget to treat yourself.